Men’s final: figures

Although Serbia’s superiority over Spain seems undeniable for most water polo enthusiasts, statistics tell a different story, at least those from the past two weeks at the Picornell. Both teams have played a similar tournament, with almost identical figures. Serbia, however, has claimed five victories in five matches – the only team which has been able to accomplish such an outstanding feat – whereas David Martín’s men have won four matches and tied one against Montenegro in the preliminary stage.

Serbia has faced Romania (11-5), Slovakia (13-5), Russia (11-9), Hungary (8-5) and Croatia (9-7), scoring a grand total of 52 goals (an average of 10,4) from 137 shots (efficiency of 38%). The top scorers for Serbia have been Milos Cuk (9 goals) and Dusan Mandic (8 goals).

Spain’s rivals have been Malta (21-4), France (7-4), Montenegro (7-7), Greece (10-6) and Italy (8-7), scoring 53 goals (average of 10,6) from 143 shots (efficiency of 37,1%). Roger Tahull (11 goals) and Alberto Munarriz (9 goals), have been the team’s top scorers in this competition.

In terms of defense, Serbia has received 31 goals from 132 shots. Branislav Mitrovic is the fourth best goalkeeper of the tournament. As for Spain, Dani López Pinedo is the second best goalie, receiving 28 goals from 120 attempts.

In one player-up opportunities, Serbia have taken advantage of 18 for 50, and 9 for 54 in one player-down plays. Spain’s figures in the area are 7 for 48 and 10 for 51.