Women, Gold-Medal Match: Netherlands v Greece 6-4

Arno Havenga, head coach, Netherlands:

“This is very special victory for the Netherlands. The last time that we won the European Championships was 45 years ago. This title is important for my team, players and for whole nation. We played very well today and during the whole tournament in general. We are very happy right now.”

Sabrina van der Sloot, player, Netherlands: 

"For me to be first is always a big achievement. We finished second once and it was also extraordinary, but I still can’t believe what we did tonight. The two best defending teams played against each other, so we knew before the game that there wouldn’t be many goals, so it’s normal score in a final of this magnitude. Tonight we were really good, we were dominating throughout the whole game, and I think that we played as a team and that’s why we won the tournament. When we came to Barcelona, we were thinking of just playing well because of all the new players and then we would see what happened. We were just expecting a medal, so winning the gold medal was a big surprise."

Laura Aarts, goalkeeper, Netherlands:

"It is a great feeing, I'm very happy right now. I am yet to realize how massive it is what we just achieved.  We finally have the gold and it is amazing because we knew that we could do it. Also, I’m honoured to win the award for best goalkeeper, I’m very happy, so thanks to everybody."

Giorgios Morfesis, head coach, Greece:

“The Netherlands played very well in defense tonight. We didn’t find the solutions to score a lot. We tried a lot of things, but unfortunately they didn't work. I am very proud of my team, we played very well in the tournament while playing against the best teams in Europe. After this experience, step by step, we will continue to get better in the future."