Women, Bronze-Medal Match: Hungary v Spain 6-12

Attila Biró, head coach, Hungary:

“We had no chance of winning tonight's match because we had a really bad start to the first quarter. I think the girls got tired mentally rather than physically. That´s why we missed 4 or 5 goals at the beginning. After that start we had no chance of getting back in the game. Talking about the tournament in general, the Hungarian team was the youngest of the top 6 teams, so the result is very good for the future of the team. it was a very useful experience.”

Miki Oca, head coach, Spain:

"We are very happy, the girls played a great match. I think it was the best of the seven games that we played here. We learned that if we do things right, we can beat anyone. On the other hands, if we don't perform well, we can be defeated like the other day." 

Bea Ortiz, player, Spain:

"We knew that today’s game would not be easy after the first game of the tournament that we played against them in the group stage. We were really concentrated during the whole match and we knew that if we didn’t make any mistakes we would have the match under control. The fact of being the top scorer doesn’t mean anything to me, the most important thing is that we got the bronze medal. The tournament was very well organized with amazing fans and that helped us during all the games that we played. Even though we lost against Greece, I think that it was a very good Championship for us." 

Anni Espar, player, Spain: 

"We are very happy and now we have to celebrate this very well-deserved bronze medal. We came out to this game with a lot of desire to show what we are worth. We played very badly against Greece and we wanted to show our fans what this team was capable of doing."

Laura Ester, goalkeeper, Spain:

"We are a team that doesn't give up easily. The loss in semifinals hurt, but we recovered quickly the day after. We knew that Hungary are a strong side, but if we play at our best level, thinking critically and knowing what we are doing, we can beat anyone. In attack things work themselves out and in defense we were spectacular in today's game. The crowd in the stands has helped us a lot as well. We came out at 100% since the first minute, playing strongly in defense which made it very difficult for our rivals."