Women, 7th-8th Place Match: Germany v France 5-13

Anja Skibba, head coach, Germany:

“I enjoyed the whole Championship here in Barcelona. It was a really nice competition and it was the first time that I went to the European Championships as a head coach. Now we look forward to the future, it was not good result for us ,so we have to get better for our next competitions." 

Florian Bruzzo, head coach, France:

"Today’s game wasn’t the best and the intensity was very low.  It was the last game of the tournament and everybody was tired. The objective was to win and we achieved it.  The Championship was great and it had a very high level with excellent teams. In my opinion it was really exciting edition of the Championships. Also, women’s water polo is becoming more famous, which is a very positive thing for the sport." 

Louise Guillet, player, France:

"We finished 7th which is is good for us.  We had some good performances in matches such as the ones against Russia and Spain. We have to continue working hard to be able to be compete against the top six teams."