Women, 5th-6th Place Match: Italy v Russia 8-14

Andrei Belofastov, assistant coach, Russia:

"Today it wasn’t an easy game against Italy, but we played better in defense and we knew how to score. We also had 17 exclusions, but with the players we had we still played well so we are satisfied with the result. Our goalkeeper was the best player of the game, I think without her we wouldn’t have played that well. Our objective when we arrived here was to win the tournament or at least play the final, but we lost against Hungary by one goal in quarter finals, it was a very hard game. Against Spain we played a very good game, but their attack was better than ours. Against Greece we started well, but in the 3rd quarter Greece came back and we finally lost in penalties. Of course we are not happy but all this can happen in sports."

Anastasia Simanovich, player, Russia:

“We are sad that we are not playing for medals, we expected to play in the final, but we lost in penalties in quarterfinals. It was super difficult to find motivation for these last two games., but we are a little bit happy that we won today. It was a valuable win because we gained a direct ticket to the World Cup . Anyway, we are sad in general, but we have to figure out why we made the mistakes that we made so that we can improve our performances in the future”

Fabio Conti, head coach, Italy:

"This game was a strange game because being in this part of the tournament is not easy, you start winning, but then but then you lose because the rival scores more goals. The result is not important for me today. My balance of the tournament is that Italy can compete with some of the best teams in the continent. Today is the final between Netherlands and Greece and we can say that we are able to play at the same level. We need to show next year than we can do better."