Men, Semifinals: Spain v Italy 8-7

David Martín, head coach, Spain:

"It was a very difficult game, but we came with confidence and we were able to get the victory. During this tournament the team has gone from less to more and we have played very well tonight, I am proud. It's our turn against Serbia now. We have to go out and enjoy Serbia, they've won everything in recent years, they'll be a very difficult opponent because of their high quality. I´m sure that Spain is going to give up its life to win."

Dani Lopez, goalkeeper, Spain:

"It is no secret that Serbia is the best team in the competition, but we are mentally and physically prepared and we also have the crowd in our favor. This allows us to dream about winning the title. Hopefully we can celebrate after our next match." 

Fran Fernández, player, Spain:

"To be honest I do not remember that counter-attack. I only know that everyone was yelling at me and my teammates were opening the way for me and in the end it was something that everyone dreams off. To score a decisive goal to win a match is an unbelievable feeling. After all the work put in by my teammates and all of the staff throughout not only this tournament, but throughout the past year we are happy to have made it to the final. Serbia is our rival in the final and we all know how good they are as they have been dominating for the past decade and they have the best players and a great coach. But after reaching the final we aren't going to stop and we will continue dreaming about winning the gold medal." 

Sandro Campagna, head coach, Italy:

"This was one of the most beautiful games that I've ever seen, with a frightening and incredible tactical intensity. We could have beaten them, but we also missed several opportunities in which we had superiority in the end of the match. With the VAR technology,the game probably would have ended differently, but now we have to reset everything. We are going to play an important match for the bronze medal against Croatia and we have to be fully prepared and focused."