Men, Semifinals: Serbia v Croatia 9-7

Dejan Savic, head coach, Serbia:

“It was extremely exhausting. A true battle. Weird in a sense that both teams had an inexplicable lapse in rhythm in the 4th petiod. I think their man-up and our man-down and our defence decided the match. Now we have to think how to recuperate the best that we can for the final on Saturday.”

Filip Filipovic, captain, Serbia:

“I am very happy that we won the game, now we are in the final. We played as we planned before the game. We were focused on defense from the first minute of the game to the last. I am vey proud of my team. Also, congratulations Croatia, they showed a great level, it´s very hard to play against them. Now we have a day and half to rest before the final. And honestly, we don’t care about our future opponent”

Gojko Pijetlovic, goalkeeper, Serbia: 

"The most difficult thing in the match was that we have a similar playing style to Croatia. Phisically it was very demanding, but we made the diference by scoring some great goals and being very effective when defending."

Ivica Tucak, head coach, Croatia:

We tried everything, but Serbia is a really strong team. I would like to congratulate the Serbian team. We have to fight for the bronze medal now, which is going to be a difficult game, but it's possible to win it. We do not play well in one man-up situations, that’s our problem."

Xavi García, player, Croatia:

Unfortunately it wasn't possible. We had nothing to loose and a lot to gain, but the Serbian team is very potent. We tried our best, but it wasn't possible. Now we have to move on and focus on winning the match for the third place."