Men, Bronze-Medal Match: Croatia v Italy 10-8

Boris Labar, medical staff, Croatia: 

"The referees excluded too many players, which was not good for our team. Similarly, too many exclusions are not good for waterpolo in general, especially when the exclusion is not from a fight for the ball. We missed one of the best players in the world in this championship and we expect that when he comes back to the national team we will play much better. We are at the same level as Serbia now, but they beat us because they had a better day when we played against them in the semifinals."  

Xavi García, player, Croatia:

"It is very special to win a medal here in my home town. I am happy to win this medal with my team in Barcelona, in front of my family and friends. It is a very special game and special day for me."

Loren Fatovic, player, Croatia:

“The tournament was very well organized.  We are satisfied with tonight's result. Of course we wanted to play for the  gold medal, but we are happy to have won the bronze medal. I think there are more or less 6-7 teams with a pretty high level. So we are happy to have finished in the third position." 

Sandro Campagna, head coach, Italy:

"We played a good championship and we cannot complain, Other than that there's a few things we have to sort out. Croatia is a very good team and I knew that it was not going to be an easy match. We lost the last two matches and now we have to figure out if it was a psychological or physical issue so that we can find a solution before our next competition." 

Guillermo Molina Rios, player, Italy:

"I believe that the semifinal match affected us mentally for this match. I believe that our performance tonight got better as the clock moved on and it was a pretty tight match. In general we had a good showing at these European Championships."

Francesco Di Fulvio, player, Italy:

"It was a very competitive and agrresive match with lots of exclusions. Croatia was more efficient than us though. They scored more goals in extra man plays. Croatia were stronger than us tonight."