Men, 5th-6th Place Match: Montenegro v Greece 6-9

Vladimir Gojkovic, head coach, Montenegro:

“We wanted to achieve more here, but I know that we are much better now after this championship and we will have more chances in the future. We have to be ready to work very hard again because on paper we don´t have the best players in Europe, but we played really well and I believe that we have a lot of potential to improve if we are ready to work hard once again. “

Theodore Vlachos, head coach, Greece:

“After quarterfinals it was very difficult to find motivation to play as aggressively as before. I think for Montenegro the situation was the same. But today we played a little bit better than Montenegro, and we were able to clinch the 5th spot. Now we are looking forward to our next competitions. Talking about the  tournament in general, we really liked it, the water was good and it was a great tournament for water polo fans”