Goals galore in group B of the women’s tournament at Barcelona 2018. The thrashing in the first two days of the competition have beat records. As of today, with 12 matches played, the six teams taking part in the competition have scored a grand total of 346 goals, an average of 28,8 per match. Russia, which has delivered two outstanding performances against Turkey (35 goals) and Serbia (27 goals),
The eight men’s teams that are touted to win the competition have performed as expected in the first matchday of Barcelona 2018. Some underdogs were close to clinching a surprising result, such as France that lost against Montenegro by a two-goal difference (8-6), who are the champions of this season’s World League, while other teams showed their progress, like Georgia and Slovakia, but it still
Xavi Garcia, born in Spain, debuted with Croatia at the European Water Polo Championships Barcelona 2018. The number 12 of the Croatian team, current world champions, played for the first time at the Picornell Pool since switching national team allegiances. The last time that he made an appearance at the legendary venue was at the World Championships back in 2013 when he still played for the
If there is a team that counts on the Picornell Pool to be a lucky charm in their pursuit of the title at Barcelona 2018 it's Hungary. The Hungarian side is a powerhouse in European water polo and the winningest team in the history of the European Championships. In the previous editions of the competition they have ammassed an impressive 24 medals: 12 gold, six silver, and six bronze. Their
The clash between Montenegro and France, from group B, kicks of the third day of Barcelona 2018, the first of the men’s tournament. After two thrilling days with a total of 12 matches from the women’s competition, today is the turn of the men, with no less than eight matches, the last on being Spain-Malta, also from group B. The competition schedule for today is the following: 11:00h Montenegro
The victories obtained by the Netherlands (20-2) and Greece (7-6) in group A and Russia (27-2) and Spain (27-2) in group B, have left four teams with six points, the maximum amount of possible points after the first two matchdays. These results begin to shape up the positions in each group just a third into the first stage of the women’s competition In group A the Netherlands remain as leaders,
Ivica Tucak and Maro Jokociv, from Croatia, Dejan Savic and Filip Filipovic, from Serbia, and David Martín and Marc Minguell, from Spain. They were the protagonists of the press conference ahead of the men’s competition, which starts tomorrow. As the kick off nears, the participating teams are ready to battle it out at the Picornell Pools. These are the most important quotes from the six
Bea Ortiz, with six goals yesterday against Hungary and her an outstanding performance with the Spanish national team, which defeated the defending champions 13-9 in their debut, has been named best player of the opening day. The Spanish striker will have her picture painted at the Village of Barcelona 2018 this afternoon by the Axe Colours artists, who will create a large-scale graffito over the
In their opening match of the European Water Polo Championships Barcelona 2018, which represented their 69th game in the history of the competition (29 victories, four draws and 36 defeats), the women’s Spanish national team defeated Hungary, winners of the previous edition of the prestigious water polo event. The winners of the 2014 European Championships defeated the 2016 champions in the match
After a lengthy wait, the inauguration ceremony has officially started the 33rd LEN European Water Polo Championships Barcelona 2018. This is the most important international water polo competition of the current season. After the speeches given by several important figures of various institutions, such as Ada Colau, mayor of Barcelona, Fernando Carpena, president of the Organizing Committee, and