Men’s final: players to watch

Choosing only two players to follow from Spain and Serbia in the final match of the men’s competition has proved to be a tough challenge, especially when both squads are packed with some of the finest stars in the world of water polo. Spain has some incredible players such as Felipe Perrone, but it is their goalkeeper, Dani López Pinedo, who has emerged as the indisputable leader of the team at the Picornell Pool. On the other hand, Serbia’s roster contains superstars like Milos Cuk, Andrija Prlainovic or their goalkeeper, Branislav Mitrovic, but the captain, Filip Filipovic, has undoubtedly been their best player in their path to the grand finale.


Dani López Pinedo               Name                                    Filip Filipovic

16/7/1990                          Date of Birth                                   2/5/1987

Barcelona                              City of Birth                         Belgrade

Barcelona                              Residency                            Genoa

1.89m/ 85kg                        Height/Weight                    1.97m/ 100kg

Right                                      Hand Used                           Left

At. Barceloneta                     Club                                      Pro Recco

Chus Martín                         Coach (club)                                    Radko Rudic

David Martín                        Coach (ntl. team)                Dejan Savic

1997                                     Proffesional since             2000

2000                                     International since            2003

2nd WCH 2009                      Triumphs                            1st  OG 2016, 1st ECH 2016