Bea Ortiz, top scorer at Barcelona 2018 with 25 goals

The Spanish attacker, Bea Ortiz, has been crowned as the top scorer of the women’s competition at Barcelona 2018 with 25 goals on her account in just seven games. Today she added only one goal to her tally, but her lead was too large for any of her followers to be able to catch up.

Ortiz takes the crown as the top goal scorer of the tournament from Rita Keszthelyi. She is the first Spanish player to claim the award. Plus, her 25 goals are the most scored by any individual player in the women’s category since the 1997 edition of the competition, when Giusi Malato from Italy scored 26 times.

Behind the player who plays for Astrapool CN Sabadell are the Russian stars Ekaterina Prokofieva and Anastasia Simanovich, with 22 and 23 goals each respectively. Further down the list behind them are the Italian forward Arianne Garibotti and the Netherlands player Maud Megens with 21 goals. The second highest scoring Spanish player in the competition was Maica Garcia, with 20 goals to her name.