10 reasons not to miss Barcelona 2018


  1. Watch Spain’s women’s national team in action. They were runners up in the last World Championships and will be hoping to win again at the Picornell Pools, like in 2013 when they won the gold medal at the World Championships
  2. The area reserved for entertainment, leisure, and gastronomy that will be located by the main entrance to the pool and makes up what is known as the Fan Zone.
  3. Affordable pricing on tickets that was set by the organisation, which ranges from 7 to 25 euros
  4. The instant impact that Perrone is expected to have on Spain’s men’s national team after the Spanish-Brazilian re-joined David Martin´s squad
  5. The battle between the two strongest men’s teams in the past years: Serbia, current Olympic champions, and Croatia, world champions in Budapest 2017
  6. Attending the matches at the magnificent Picornell Pools, a historic complex that has hosted the European Championships in 1970, the Olympic Games in 1992, and the World Championships in 2003 and 2013
  7. The giant graffiti that will be painted at the Fan Zone by the artists from Axe Colours, which will portray the MVPs from each matchday
  8. The attractive style of play that Greek teams showcase, which has helped them enjoy a superb run of form in international competitions so far this year. Greece’s women’s national team won the Europa Cup, while Olympiacos conquered the title at the Final Eight
  9. Hungary´s matches. The country is regarded as the cradle of water polo and their teams are serious contenders to claim the title at Barcelona 2018, especially their women’s team, who are the defending champions after winning the European Championships in 2016
  10. The long-awaited inauguration ceremonies that will be celebrated on the 14th before the women’s match between Spain and Hungary begins and on the 16th previous to the kick-off of the men’s competition