Gianni de Magistris

Gianni De Magistris

Every country has its own beloved sports icon, and when it comes to Italian water polo, it could be no other than Gianni de Magistris, the most respected player in the history of “Settebello”. Born in Florence on December 3, 1950, Mexico 68 was the first of 5 Olympic Games he took part throughout his career. On this first occasion, he was only 17 years old, a feat almost unprecedented. Although he only won an Olympic medal (Silver in Montreal 76), his many other achievements make him a water polo legend. In the World Championships of Berlin 1978, he led his team to Gold.    

De Magistris started his career as a swimmer, and even became 1.500 freestyle Italian champion in 1967, but he had always been interested in water polo. This change proved to be an excellent career move, since he won 17 Leagues playing for various Italian clubs. In the national team, he has played a record 388 international games and scored 60 goals in Olympic Games. Overall, he scored over 6000.

After retiring, he started his career as a coach, especially in women’s water polo. After several attempts, he reached his most significant milestone in 2007, when he led Fiorentina Water Polo to European Gold.