Judith Forca: “We train very hard to win the gold in Barcelona”

Without making much noise and under the radar, but with vast experience after winning four European Cups and being runner up in the World Championships with the national team, Judith Forca anxiously awaits the final stretch before Barcelona 2018 kicks off. In Barcelona she will be able to compete at home in the presence of her family and loved ones. 

“In 2013, during the World Championships in Barcelona, I was in the stands. I was still very young back then. I played for Asstralpool CN Sabadell at the time, but I wasn't a member of the national team yet. It was an incredible experience. Hopefully we can repeat something like that next month.” She was and still is young. She recently turned 22, but her impressive trophy and medal collection makes the fans view her among the most experienced players. 

She can already boast of having four european champions medals with her club, the first of which she won in 2011 at the age of 15, as well as being a part of the national team since 2015. “The first major international championships that I was part of were the World Championships in Kazan. I was extremely happy. My dream had always been to make it to the national team and to do it at such an important competition was amazing”, she remembers. 

When she was in school, Forca was a swimmer, but later on she was asked to try out for the water polo team, especially because of being left handed, and she enjoyed it more. Since then, water polo became her main hobby and it is now her job. Even though she is a water polo player, Forca is studying nursing and she has the credentials to be a level 1 coach in aquatic sports. 

Now, like the rest of her teammates, she is fully focused on being ready for the European Championships in Barcelona. “We don't feel any pressure, well at least I don't, but I do have a great desire to win. We can see that the competition is getting near, but we don’t feel any pressure. The solution for everything is to train hard every day.”

“The best memory that I have with the Spanish national team is finishing second at the World Championships in Budapest last year. But that is in the past. Now we train very hard to win the gold in Barcelona, but we know that the competition will be very tough.”

Forca and her teammates agree with the fact that the quarter final matchups are vital, while also pinpointing the Netherlands, Hungary, and Russia as their main rivals. “The quarter final match is the one that takes you all the way to the top or it leaves you out of contention for the title.” Moreover, she is not worried about the teams that were drawn in Spain´s group or about their debut against Hungary. “If you want to win the championship, you have to beat everyone”.

Finally, Forca reiterates that the Spanish national team, currently concentrated at the High-Performance Training Center in Sant Cugat, is working hard everyday to achieve their goal of winning the European Water Polo Championships at the Picornell Pools in front of the home crowd.